We currently offer presentations on the following topics.  Each is approximately one hour


Got way too much production from your garden this year?  No problem!  We'll show you the easiest and best ways to preserve it!

Offered July - October

Composting 101

Did you know you can recycle all your kitchen scraps and yard waste, and turn it into beneficial food for your plants?  Yep.  We've got it all covered, from the "how to" to the "how much"

Offered March - October

Indoor Seed Starting

There are so many more varities of vegetables than what the garden centers offer!  We'll show you everything you need to know to take advantage of this

Offered November - April

Container Gardening

Short on space, but still have visions of growing your own produce?  Come learn all about growing in containers!

Offered February - June

Herb Gardening

Let's face it....  store bought herbs, either fresh or dried, can really put a strain on your wallet.  Why not grow your own?

Offered January - October

Companion Planting & Design

Location, location, location.....  some plants just naturally grow better next to other, and well, some don't.  Here's where you can learn what keeps the peace in your garden

Offered January - June

Tomato Growing

Without question, tomatoes are the number one home garden crop.  We will teach you the best ways to maximize your harvest

Offered March - October

Growing A Summer Salad

Is there anything more refreshing in the summer than a homegrown salad?  We'll give you the basics on lettuce, tomato, and cucumber growing

Offered April - June

Raised Bed Gardening

Everything you ever wanted to know about raised beds, including how to build, fill, site, and plant them

Offered March - May

"The Organic Approach"


Bugs taking over your life?  Weary of spraying the wrong stuff on your food?  We'll help take all the guess work out of everything

Offered May - September

Growing Cucurbits


Love the look and taste of summer and fall squash?  We'll help get the best yield possible from all your zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkins, and everything in between

Offered February - May

The Pollinator Garden

Pollinators are the life blood for good production.  We will explore ways to attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other beneficials to your garden


Offered year round

Closing The Garden

While the end of the season can be depressing, it's also the best time to get a jump start on the following year.  We'll explore pruning, seed saving, mulching, and composting

Offered July - October

Healthy Garden Recipes

Fresh is best!  Prepare healthy meals with the ingredients from your backyard garden!

Offered January - September

New for 2020!

The Backyard Orchard

Growing tree fruit can be challenging, but with a few hints and the right techniques, you'll have enough apples, pears, and everything else for the entire neighborhood!

Offered March - October

New for 2020!

Sustainable Gardening

Become a more efficient gardener by learning how to elongate your growing season and maximize your output, all while preserving resources. 

Offered year round

New for 2020!